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Clari-T Cognitive Support

Clari-T Cognitive Support


As the body ages, two different proteins (known as plaques and tangles) may build up in the brain, causing reduced memory and cognitive function. Clari-T provides nutrients that improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain, as well as help neutralize free radicals.* Enhancing these activities is the most effective means of maintaining healthy cognitive function.*

Key ingredients:
Phosphatidyl serine
A chemical compound found naturally in the brain, phosphatidyl serine helps strengthen the cellular structure of brain cells.*

Huperzine A
A potent chemical derived from club moss, Huperzine A supports memory performance and other cognitive functions.*

An extract from periwinkle seeds, vinpocetine supports memory function as well as blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain.*

Ginkgo biloba
This botanical is one of the oldest living species and has been widely studied. It promotes blood flow to the brain and supports nerve cells.*

An Ayervedic herb, bacopa provides cognition-enhancing nutrients and antioxidant activity.

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