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Healthy Aging Antioxidant Complex

Healthy Aging Antioxidant Complex


Your body needs antioxidants to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are the by-product of common bodily processes (eating, breathing, exercising) that can cause the deterioration of your cell structure, making you age faster. Antioxidants bond to these free radicals, returning them to a stable state. When you increase the antioxidants available to perform this neutralizing work, you boost your body’s ability to combat oxidative stress and can actually inhibit natural signs of aging.

Key ingredients
This superior antioxidant compound provides support for increased longevity due to healthy cellular rejuvenation. Resveratrol has also been indicated to support liver and heart health.*
R-Alpha lipoic acid: This unique antioxidant boosts glutathione levels, which assists with the regeneration of vitamins E and C back into antioxidants.

Hyaluronic acid
This ingredient functions to bind moisture to cells and aids in the regeneration of connective tissue.

This natural pigment is the most potent carotenoid found in the marine world. Carotenoids are high in antioxidants and are crucial for healthy vision.*

Açai berry extract
Research has shown these deep purple berries have a higher antioxidant capacity than most other fruits, including blueberries. Rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, these powerful antioxidants help defend the body against oxidative stress.*

Pomegranate powder
Although the tiny seeds are difficult to extract, pomegranate seeds have been shown to have three times the antioxidant capacity of red wine or green tea, with no toxic side effects!*

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