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Immuni-T Immune Support

Immuni-T Immune Support


The immune system is an integrated system of cells that work throughout the body. These cells have three primary functions: (1) identify a potential immune challenge, (2) multiply the cells needed to defend against the challenge, and (3) eliminate the challenge from the body. Immuni-T™ contains ingredients that activate and support all three phases of a healthy immune response.

Key ingredients:
Humic acid complex
This complex facilitates communication between components of the immune system and enhances immune function.*

Andrographis extract
This extract alerts the body to check for possible immune challengers.*

Olive leaf extract
This extract has the ability to differentiate between good and harmful bacteria, which strengthens and targets an immune response.*

Larch arabinogalactans
This ingredient alerts the body to check for possible immune challengers.*

This flower extract has traditionally been used to support a robust immune response.*

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