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Visibili-T Eye Health Complex

Visibili-T Eye Health Complex


The retina, which uses more oxygen than any other tissue in the body, is highly susceptible to oxidative stress. Unfortunately, the protective fiber cells in the lens do not renew themselves, thus advancing age increases susceptibility to oxidative damage from UV light. In addition, the pupil of the eye shrinks with age, which allows too much light into the retina. Visibili-T provides nutrients vital to macular health, facilitates the transport of nutrients to and waste from the eye, and protects the eye from UV light.*

Key ingredients:

This carotenoid is found naturally in the macula of the eye and helps protect the retina against oxidative stress.*

This carotenoids is also present in the macula and provides nutrients to synthesize macular pigment.*

Bilberry Mirtoselect®
The anthocyanins in this plant help support healthy blood vessels and blood circulation in the eye.*

Ginkgo biloba
This botanical supports blood flow and circulation of nutrients in the eye.*

This ingredient supports a healthy inflammation response and helps maintain eye health.*

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