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Rest-ZZZ Insomnia – Sleep Support

Rest-ZZZ Insomnia – Sleep Support


As you age, poor diet, environmental toxins, lack of exercise or personal stress can challenge your good health. Rest-ZZZ supports restful sleep*, balance and good sleep patterns*, and over all well being*.

Key ingredients:
GABA (γ-amino butyric acid):
An important chemical within the central nervous system of all mammals. It functions as the chief inhibitory (slows down) neurotransmitter regulating the firing of neurons. In this way it acts as a moderator promoting a feeling of well-being and balances mind/body responses in situations of high stress or excitement. In sleep support since it is directly responsible for muscle tone, it helps induce relaxation.*

Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine):
This is a hormone secreted by the Pineal Gland that is a key factor in how human sleep is regulated by exposure to light or darkness. The amount of melatonin secreted based on exposure to light, dictates circadian rhythms for sleep time and wakefulness. Supplemental melatonin acts as a mild sleep inducer and helps overcome sleep disorders caused by interruption of circadian rhythms such as air travel across multiple time zones.*

Valerian – Valeriana officinalis (dried, aged root):
Valerian root is a traditional herbal remedy effectively used to improve quality of sleep and relieve a variety of sleep disorders including difficulty falling asleep, nervous excitability and nervous exhaustion.*

Passion Flower – Passiflora incarnata (dried herb):
Recent research shows this traditional herb has mild relaxant, calmative and sleep inducing properties that make it especially useful for treating infants and the elderly for CNS and sleep disorders stemming from restlessness.*

Chamomile – Matricaria recutita (dried herb) :
Chamomile is time tested as well as clinically tested as a mild sedative in sleep disorders, but Rest-ZZZ uniquely combines it with Valerian and Passion Flower along with Lemon Balm (Melissa) and Hawthorne Berry producing not only a synergistic set of mild relaxantsand calmatives for sleep disorders but as helpful cardio tonic support as well. These herbal synergists make the formula especially suited to helping the elderly manage sleep disorders.*

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